Hand Injury Lawyers Palmdale

Hand Injury Lawyers Palmdale

When you can’t use your hands because of an injury, you can’t work. When you can’t work, you can’t earn money to provide for your family. Losing the use of one or both hands not only affects your ability to work, but it can also have a devastating affect on your way of life. Simple tasks, such as eating and bathing, may not be possible without the help of a loved one or caregiver. Hand Injury Lawyers Palmdale- Hand injury? Call now for a free consultation.

If you are suffering from a work-related hand injury and would like to know how to file a workers’ compensation claim to receive benefits, seek the counsel of a skilled hand injury attorney at the California Workers Compensation Lawyers as soon as possible. We will guide you through the oftentimes-confusing work comp claim process and handle any issues that may arise. The hand injury lawyers at our firm have decades of combined experience and are prepared to fight against for for profit insurance carriers trying to reduce your benefits.

What causes a hand injury to occur? Work-related hand injuries can stem from:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Heavy machinery work
  • Construction accidents
  • Painting work
  • Factory line work
  • Computer work
  • Loading or lifting work
  • Industrial accidents
  • Logging accidents
  • Defective or faulty machinery
  • Explosions
  • Nail gun accidents
  • Other types of accidents

What can you expect when you work with an experienced hand injury attorney at the California Workers Compensation Lawyers?

No recovery, no fee guarantee – you won’t owe us a penny until we have successfully won and closed your case

Personal attention – the hand injury attorneys in our group treat every case as if it were their only case and won’t hand your case off to a paralegal

Experience and proven results – our lawyers  have successfully handled numerous work comp cases throughout the years

Excellent resources – the hand injury attorneys in our firm have worked with the top experts in medicine, investigation, and forensics

Most medical professionals categorize hand injuries as: injuries caused by excessive pressure or injuries caused by burn, bone fracture, infection, amputation, dislocation, laceration or contusion. Various parts of the hand (fingers, nails, and wrist) can suffer one or more types of injury. A common injury associated with repetitive motion is carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve is irritated or overused. Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include numbness, muscle weakness, pain, and tingling.

Palmdale Hand Injury Attorneys

For a no obligation case review, reach out to the California Workers Compensation Lawyers today. When you call our office, we will promptly return your call and ask you questions about your case. Once we have gathered enough information about your situation, we will then connect you with an attorney who’s handled cases like yours. All of the professional hand injury lawyers at our firm will discuss the details of your case for free and will never ask you for any up front fees. The consultation is free. Call (661) 202-3042  before you are stopped from collecting much needed benefits.

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