Delayed Claim Lawyers Palmdale

Delayed Claim Lawyers Palmdale

After filing a workers’ compensation claim, you’ve been told your claim is delayed. What does it mean when your claim is delayed and when can you expect to receive benefits? Typically, when an insurance company delays a claim, they have not decided to admit or deny the injury. In most cases, you will receive benefits while the insurance company decided to deny or approve your case. However, if the insurance company decides to deny your claim, your benefits will be stopped. Delayed Claim Lawyers Palmdale- Call now to speak with a workers comp lawyer about your denied claim.

If you are receiving benefits while the insurance company investigates your claim, please be aware. At any moment, the insurance company could deny you and stop paying you much needed benefits. It is the exception – not the standard – when a delayed claim is approved. Instead of waiting to see what happens, protect your legal rights and contact an experienced delayed claim attorney at the California Workers’ Compensation Lawyers. They have your best interest at heart and can overcome a delayed claim decision.

The aggressive delayed claim lawyers at the California Workers’ Compensation Lawyers can stay one step ahead of the insurance company to ensure you get help for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages associated with your work injury. They highly recommend you do not wait to seek their assistance. The longer you wait to take action, the more challenging it may be to prevent your delayed claim from being denied.

You may have a lot of questions concerning the litigation process and the dedicated delayed claim attorneys at the California Workers’ Compensation Lawyers are here to provide answers. A frequently asked question by potential clients is whether or not their employer can fire them for hiring a work comp attorney. The answer to this question is no! Your employer cannot fire you for hiring a delayed claim lawyer and should not retaliate in any manner.

If you are being threatened at work or were fired for hiring a delayed claim attorney, seek legal guidance immediately. At the California Workers’ Compensation Lawyers the skilled delayed claim attorneys at our firm will not let your employer or their insurance carrier take advantage of you.

Delayed Claim Lawyers in Palmdale

The competent delayed claim lawyers at the California Workers’ Compensation Lawyers have successfully defended the rights of injured workers for many years throughout the state. They have recovered significant compensation for suffering workers’ damages and can help you get back to work.

At the California Workers’ Compensation Lawyers, we understand injured workers’ have many concerns, one of which is what will it cost. Rest assured with our firm it won’t cost you a thing to speak privately with one of our wokers comp attorneys. We want you to get all the legal information you need to make an informed decision. Contact our group today at (661) 202-3042  to make an appointment to discuss the situation you face and how the professional delayed claim lawyers in our group can provide options. All cases are accepted on a no win, no fee basis.

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