Denied Claim Lawyers Palmdale

Denied Claim Lawyers Palmdale

When you file a workers’ compensation claim to obtain benefits for a workplace injury, your employer submits the claim to their insurance carrier. When the insurance carrier receives notice of the injury, they presumably investigate the facts surrounding your injury and decide whether or not the injury was work-related. Denied Claim Lawyers Palmdale- If you are dealing with a denied claim, time is not on your side, call now for help.

More often than not, workers are denied benefits because the insurance company decides the injury “did not arise out of and in the course of employment.” Unfortunately, most insurance companies are looking for ways to prevent paying an injured worker benefits and will employ many tactics to deny a valid claim.

If you received a letter from the insurance company informing you your work comp claim was denied, you may feel hopeless and defeated. But, do not give up hope. The aggressive denied claim lawyers at the Workers Compensation Injury Attorneys have helped many denied workers turn their case around to get the help they need and deserve. Throughout the years, they have secured fair benefits for workers initially denied benefits and will not leave any stone unturned in their quest for justice.

At the Workers Compensation Injury Attorneys, the denied claim attorneys we work with have successfully disputed many reasons for a claim denial, including:

  • No medical treatment was sought – injury must be diagnosed and documented by a medical professional
  • Work comp claim was not filed on time – per law, claims must be filed within two years from the date the injury occurred
  • Injury was not reported on time – state law requires injured workers to notify their employers within 90 days of the injury occurring
  • Insufficient evidence the injury was related to work – investigation yielded inadequate evidence the injury happened or was related to work

Denied Claim Lawyer in Palmdale

Please remember, you only have a certain amount of time to appeal your denied claim. If you want to appeal the decision, it’s a complicated process best left in the hands of an attorney familiar with work comp laws. In most appeal cases, you must present your case before a judge. Don’t go before a judge without the guidance and counsel of a professional denied claim lawyer at the Workers Compensation Injury Attorneys. You can rest assured they will be adequately prepared when presenting your case before a judge, and will use every resource they have to get you benefits for medical costs and lost wages.

For a free referral to a skilled denied claim attorney, call the Workers Compensation Injury Attorneys at (661) 202-3042 . We’ll immediately put you in touch with a competent denied claim lawyer and won’t hassle you to hire the lawyer we refer you to. Consultations are free and completely confidential. None of the information you share with our joint marketing program or the attorney we connect you with will be shared with any other organization. Every denied claim lawyer in our group offers a no recovery, no fee guarantee.